Welcome as a new Chalmersfastigheter customer! Our job is to make everyday life simpler for you through excellent service and availability. In addition to flexible, practical premises, we also develop the campus environment and eco-friendly transportation solutions with connections to your building. Here is a list of things that are useful to know before moving in. If you have any questions regarding your rental agreement, do not hesitate to contact us.

Concluding a rental agreement

Your rental agreement includes detailed information about the size of the premises, the rent, what is included in the rent, the division of responsibilities and activities that may be carried out on the premises. When drawing up the rental agreement, we jointly review your legally binding contract and clarify each item. Consult us if any detail in the rental agreement is unclear. General, overall information concerning the division of responsibilities is presented on the page entitled During the rental period.

Insurance, electricity supply contract and IT/telephony

It is important that you take out a valid insurance policy and that the insured amount is sufficient. Check whether you need to sign a separate electricity supply contract for the premises you’re renting. You will also need to sign contracts with telecoms and IT providers in good time. Internet connections vary from building to building, so check the type of connection in your specific premises. Please contact your customer account manager for more detailed information regarding your own insurance, power supply contract and telephone connection.

Moving-in inspection

We carry out an inspection in conjunction with moving in where we jointly review the condition of the premises. The inspection report becomes a common document used to compare of the condition of the premises when you eventually leave. Your customer account manager will contact you to book a moving-in inspection, which usually takes place at the time of moving in.

Entry, keys, passes and mailbox

When moving in, we coordinate the ordering and delivery of keys and access passes to your premises. This also applies to your mailbox.


We want you and your company to be visible in the Chalmers campus area. Coordinate your wishes regarding your own signage with your customer account manager in conjunction with moving in. We review the practicalities together and make sure signs comply with Chalmers’ signage policy and any other requirements.

Customer meeting

Once you have moved into the premises, we set up a customer meeting where the building’s customer account manager drops by to tell you more about the premises, the building and the Chalmers campus area. During the meeting we run through your questions along with the items below:

  • Access, keys and passes to the premises
  • The division of responsibility for cleaning, maintenance and replacements
  • Cleaning
  • Defect reporting, 24-hour hotline and area security
  • Indoor climate in the premises with and advice and tips on energy-saving
  • Suppliers and services in the building
  • Visit to waste collection rooms; info on waste fractions
  • Public transit parking, bicycle storage, parking, pool cars etc.
  • Campus service, restaurants and conference facilities

Large premises generate a lot of waste for collection. Your waste may contain both hazardous and valuable substances. Waste sorting allows hazardous material to be disposed of safely and recoverable materials to be recycled. Carefully sorted waste protects people and the environment, and saves energy and natural resources. We’ll be happy to provide further information.

If you have any questions before the customer meeting, please contact your customer account manager.