Sometimes events occur that lead to changed requirements, which may include the choice of premises. Find out who to contact here.

Period of notice

A rental agreement has an agreed period of notice. The length of your period of notice is stated in the rental agreement.


If your requirements for a premises change, contact your customer account manager so that we can jointly find a long-term solution.

Should you still have to move your operation and either cancel your agreement due to moving out or make changes to the terms, this must be notified in writing and sent to our postal address.

Termination of subscriptions

Before you move out, it’s important to cancel contracts associated with the premises for such things as electricity, telephony, IT and insurance. Don’t forget to notify your change of address in good time to ensure future mail forwarding.


Unless otherwise agreed in the rental agreement, you must restore any alterations and/or modifications, remove your property and restore the premises to its original condition before you move out.

Inspection of the premises

Your premises must be inspected before you move out. You must order the inspection in good time before you move out. To do this, contact your building technician. During the inspection, our representative will go through the premises with you. We jointly assess the condition of the premises when you move out and compare it to the condition when you moved in.

Moving-out cleaning

Moving-out cleaning requires a professional, thorough cleaning of your premises and must be completed before the moving-out date.


You must seek our consent if you wish to transfer the rental rights to the premises to someone taking over the operation. Contact your customer account manager for more information on how to proceed.


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