Our day-to-day world is all about managing and developing Chalmers’ buildings and meeting places. We do this by using resources efficiently, promoting well-being and reducing climate impact to create the best conditions for learning, research and collaboration.

World-class, sustainable campuses

Our vision ‘Sustainable and inspiring world-class campuses’ means we support Chalmers in every way in their efforts to become an internationally leading technical university in a world-class campus environment.

We are helpful, committed and dynamic

Conditions couldn’t be better: we’re able to offer our customers centrally located premises where quality informs even the smallest detail.

We’re strongly committed to what we do, knowing that proactivity and curiosity lead to progress in matters big and small. We’re attentive to the needs and wishes of our tenants. We’re also flexible when it comes to finding the right solutions, both in terms of the design of premises, the surroundings and level of service.

Being helpful, committed and dynamic helps us achieve the best possible results.

We keep our promises!

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